[sword-devel] SwordProject for windows

ingo7 sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 7 Nov 2003 19:40:39 +0100

I prepared module with polish bible (first of 7 which I hope to make
legally available), it is now here

What has to be done to add it to Crosswire library (no response from
sword-feedback nor sword-bugs)?

We also prepared and polish localization (polskie ustawienia.zip) and
osis file (pbg_osis.zip; I hope it looks like osis) - is there a simple
way to import osis file (xml) to sword to make a sword BIBLE module? 
Can I write about SwordProject using your page design? (translations;
looks like http://acn.waw.pl/biblia/sword/startpage.htm -  if no, I
shall change it at once).

Sorry for bothering you with these questions, we're now transcribing
many polish texts, shall make them public domain, and want to know how
to encode them to enable input to open-source programs. And Sword seems
to be OK (although doesn't read Apocrypha and uses only KJV
versification - we hope we'll work upon it;).

In His service,