[sword-devel] MOD2OSIS.EXE - FAQ?

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 04 Nov 2003 23:29:35 -0600

>Then again: I have not looked into the OSIS specification to see how 
>flexible it is so it is hard to compare. But you seem to have dropped down 
>to an absoluut minimum which is only fitted for canonical bibles and 
>nothing beyond that.
For the record, OSIS is extremely flexible.  There's no notion of a 
"canon" shared between different documents.  One document might contain 
the 66-book Protestant Bible, another the 73-book Catholic Bible, others 
might contain the Hebrew Bible, the Orthodox Bible, etc.  And it's 
certainly not limited to just Bibles either.  It can easily be used for 
dictionaries, commentaries, volumes like Josephus, catechisms, etc.

The method of interchange for Bible books uses a set of defined book 
abbreviations, which we have for almost all books that any Christian 
group considers canonical.  Beyond that, we basically instruct people to 
use whatever SBL recommends in their Handbook of Style.  Beyond that, 
you're on your own.