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chad sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 3 Nov 2003 06:35:10 -0600

Just checked it out, it looks pretty good.  If I may make a suggestion, it
would be nice if the "Biblical Texts" menu had a "submenu" for languages.
In other words, if you click the "+" next to Biblical texts, rather than
just a full listing of the texts (which is rather long and difficult to
navigate), it would be nice if you got something like the following:

[-] Biblical Texts
     [+] Afrikaans
     [+] Albanian
     [+] English
     [+] Greek

It would certainly make that menu much easier to navigate.  There is just
too much info when you click the [+] next to "Biblical Texts," and it is
very unwieldy.  As well, the very thin white lines separating each of the
entries are almost so thin as to be unnoticable (I didn't see them until I
took a very close look).  It would be nice if there was a little more space
separating each of the entries from one another.

Sorry if I seem like I've only e-mailed to give critical comments.  I really
would like to be more involved in the development, but my wife just recently
had surgery, and I've been sick with bronchitis.

God bless you all!  The effort you've put forth and the results are

In Christ,

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> Hey guys,
> The OSIS Web tool is now online at:
> http://www.bibletechnologieswg.org
> It's using a motif designed by a graphics firm that they hired.  The end
> result was that they only finish the home page (which has no
> functionality anyway), so we took a couple of their images and the
> colors from their .css and applied them to our current site!  I'm
> starting to understand some of this CSS stuff now, but I'm sure I
> totally hacked things up.
> Those who have access, please visit ~bibletech/html/ on the server and
> see how bad I might have messed things up.  Please change if you'd like.
>   The official public announcement isn't until Nov 23.
> Thanks again for all of your great work!  The XHTML/CSS abstraction was
> the only thing that allowed me to make up for the shortcomings of that
> design firm for ABS.  You guys have done a GREAT job!
> -Troy.
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