[sword-devel] ftp site running OK?

Jeremy Hatfield sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 21 Oct 2002 20:05:15 -0400

Just joined the ranks of the developers today.  Three projects I have in mind 
include some new Bible modules--a Luther 1545 (the Wittenberg/Hans Lufft 
printing, keeping with the antiquated spelling/punctuation, and including 
Strong's functionality), a Zürcher 1531 (ditto on the spelling/punctuation, 
and Strong's if I can manage it), and a Zürcher 1931 (ditto as the 1531).  Any 
advice on obtaining the texts (apart from typing directly from the hard 
documents) so the process will go quicker will be greatly appreciated.

However, I've already run into a snag.  It seems there's something up with the 
ftp site for the utils--I'm getting 404 errors whenever I attempt to download.
 Could I be looking in the wrong place?

Here's what I need: the two vpl utils, and the diaspora util.  Any kind soul 
out there willing to email them?


Jeremy T. Hatfield
Instructor of German
Covenant Life College/Whitestone
Delta Junction, AK