[sword-devel] Hello!

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 28 Sep 2001 22:53:55 -0700

> My name is David Driver, I just joined the Developer's group. 

Welcome to the group David.  We sure do have a lot of Davids. :)

> I downloaded some alpha/beta versions of the text modules and 
> I was wondering if there is any reason that they don't 
> install (other than being Betas)? I unzip the files and run 
> the install, the program launches but just sits there.

If you're trying to download using the links on the ALPHA page, they
won't work.  I need to get Troy's assistance in fixing the server-side
scripts because it is currently grabbing files from the wrong source.
The ALPHA page can tell you what files are available and lets you read
the info about them, but to download them you'll need to either FTP them
from the site directly or use the Windows InstallMgr.  To add the beta
site to InstallMgr, use "sword.cx" as the server and
"/pub/sword/betaraw/" as the directory.

> And finally I couldn't connect to any of the news 
> groups listed on the developer's page, the error said "411 No 
> such group crosswire.software.sword.modules " or similar for 
> each channel that I tried.

As Dave Overcrash mentioned, not much is discussed on the newsgroups.
It looks like your problem is being caused by your news reader not
picking up the news server (crosswire.org) in the URL.  You may need to
add it manually and grab the group list.
> I am glad that I ran across a reference to your project, I 
> was about to start a similar project using xml/msxml for 
> study of The Word, and I am willing to help where ever I can. 
> I primarily program VB for SQL server, I have messed a little 
> with xml/xslt but I am willing to learn what ever is needed 
> to be of help.

Our only VB-related work is a sample app using ActiveDiatheke, the
ActiveX object interface to Sword.

There's lots and lots of work yet to be done--on the Sword library, on
the front ends, and on other side-projects.  You can see a few tasks we
have on the sourceforge project page