[sword-devel] Hello!

Driver, David sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 28 Sep 2001 14:24:43 -0500

My name is David Driver, I just joined the Developer's group. I downloaded
some alpha/beta versions of the text modules and I was wondering if there is
any reason that they don't install (other than being Betas)? I unzip the
files and run the install, the program launches but just sits there. Also do
you guys have set times/days that you are in the IRC channel? And finally I
couldn't connect to any of the news groups listed on the developer's page,
the error said "411 No such group crosswire.software.sword.modules " or
similar for each channel that I tried.

I am glad that I ran across a reference to your project, I was about to
start a similar project using xml/msxml for study of The Word, and I am
willing to help where ever I can. I primarily program VB for SQL server, I
have messed a little with xml/xslt but I am willing to learn what ever is
needed to be of help.