[sword-devel] RE: website

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
22 Sep 2001 16:47:00 -0700

The most recent discussions in #sword came up with the name "The SWORD
Project for Windows" as the public name for BibleCS.  For developers,
it'll probably still be referred to as BibleCS, even though it's not a
"contruction set".  Netscape Navigator was known by its developers as
Mozilla, from the beginning.  Similarly, BibleCS is our developer name
for "The SWORD Project for Windows".

The reason "OpenSword" isn't such a great name is that it makes it seem
like it's the open version of Sword.  (An opinion with which I would

Besides the CrossWire Bible Society vs. The SWORD Project issues
Jonathan mentioned, we need the following stuff in order for the new
webpage to be complete:

1) a new logo in the form:
  rather than The SWORD Project
  This is to maintain consistent look & feel and branding.

2) weblog-style news page (we need to pick a script still)

3) forums (we need to pick a script for this also)

We might consider updating our development pages also, such as adding
links to the Doxygen API docs & the mailing list archives and updating
the ALPHA page.