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Hey Everyone,

I was doing the website, adding the content at least. Don did all the
layout. The reason nothing has happened lately is because I made a mistake
in the very beginning thinking that The SWORD Project was the name of the
actual project that develops the Sword engine and BibleCS (or whatever it
will be called, hey this is another problem we don't have a name for the
Win32 front-end) and packages the Sword modules. The truth, in fact, is that
Troy was naming the Sword engine, "The SWORD Project" and the actual
organization that the software is developed under is CrossWire Bible
Society. So if you understood what I just said then that would lead you to
the current conclusion, the fact that the website at www.sword.cx/sword/ is
not correct because it refers to The Sword Project as a project and not the
program that it is. And if it is the CrossWire Bible Society that is the
organization that develops all the software then we need to redo the
CrossWire Bible Society website and have individual links to each software
that is being produced, with proper names, if this needs to be done it will
require some fore thought into how to organize volunteers and stuff. So I am
still waiting for Troy to let me know how I need to change the site so that
it conforms to the naming scheme and ideals he had as he started developing
all the great software we have. Also I am waiting for the name of the Win32
front-end. So there you have it! That is the current status from my end.
Sorry I haven't been on the list lately, been busy starting school and work
and just waiting for what I need to finish up the website (and I also am
having problems sending e-mail so hopefully this gets out to everyone.)

In Christ,

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> Last I heard, John was doing the website and it was coming along very
> but I haven't heard or seen him on the list lately...
> -Dave Overcash
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> I wonder what the status of the new website project is. Is someone working
> on
> it? I want to write some letter to a bible society, and I think I should
> wait
> for the new website.
> thank you
> Martin