[sword-devel] Calculator E-Book Port

David Trotz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 9 Sep 2001 13:27:40 -0700

It is great that you are enthusiastic in wnating to do this port to the
TI-xx calculators but I think porting the swordlib to the TI-xx is next to
impossible, if not impossible. The only reason I state this is that I have
been researching the possiblilty of a Palm port of Sword and I have run into
some big hurdles. One big reason is that the swordlib was created with a
desktop computer or better in mind. It wasn't created to be as compact as
possible. It takes advantage of the RAM and disk space today's desktops have
in abundance. I know on the Palm the stack size is limited to 4kb, which
isn't very large, I am sure the TI-xx is the same or less. This makes C++
not the best language for the device, and the swordlib is written in mostly
C++. If you want to try to port something to the TI-xx device try the Palm
bibe Reader. It is open source and the author is working on translating
several of our bible texts to his reader. It is written for the palm so I
don't know how usefull it will be but maybe it would be a good guide for
your project. http://palmbible.sourceforge.net

As far as size of text. The smallest I have seen a KJV is 1.4MB. I hope this
was helpfull. Good Luck :)
David Trotz

P.S. Maybe just buy a Palm and buy the powerOne Graph. Version 3.0 is coming
out in a couple of months and it will be able to replace the TI-83 and
others. :-)

> Okay, I know I'm probably not the best known developer on this team, as I
> have yet to even edit some of the source code for this project (I have
> looked at it extensively though).  The reason for that being that it's a
> above my head...  However, I think I stumbled upon another possible port
> this project.
> Some of you may be familiar with the popular line of Graphing Calculators
> from Texas Instruments.  You would have probably heard them called TI-82,
> TI-83, TI-85, TI-86, TI-89, or TI-92.  They are very popular in schools
> these days because they are used for their mathematical capabilities of
> going as far as to solving equations on their own (Ahh, it helps so much
> tests).  Anyways, I recently started lookin at E-Books on these
> (They can hold about 1.5 books on their memory, depending on the size of
> book)  And while I was browsing a large archive of e-books to download, I
> came accross a KJV version of the Bible.
> So, I got an idea that maybe we could try to form a small frontend for the
> TI-89 / TI-92 (They both run on the same asm code).  I will probably be
> to (And have to) do all the programming for this, because I realize that
> many of you probably don't use these calculators.  I think, also, it would
> be a very good investment of this projects time, as I would distribute it
> greatly in my school, and over the net...
> I need to know a few things, however: (Please forgive me if these are
> questions, I still don't quite understand the file format for writing
> - Would it be possible to get a text down below the size of 400 KB by
> including the very smallest ammount of tags possible in the documents?
> - What tags are we currently using?
> - Could anyone else help on this project? (Has a TI-89 calculator)
> --- As you see the structure for searching now in already present
> would it be possible to write an asm coded program that would search
> these texts?
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