[sword-devel] GPL issues (again, sorry)

James Gross sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 26 May 2001 02:29:19

Hello all:

I know that this has been stated before, but with little interest, but here 
goes:  Since the GPL/LGPL seems to be ambiguous in some areas and maybe a 
bit too restrictive in others, might it be the right time to set up some 
sort of SWORD Public License?  One that allows for the use of third-party, 
closed source includes (such as dll's that are absolutely necessary for 
SWORD to work properly), so long as the rest of the code is open?  I realize 
that you might not be able to include the particular third-party code, at 
least not without some sort of fee. But this might be the only way to get 
around the unclear nature and possibly over-restrictive nature of the 

Being somewhat Socialistic in political world-view, I would like to see all 
code available for use, as freely as possible.  Being pragmatic, I 
understand that people need to make money in order to feed and clothe 
themselves.  But, being a liberty minded person first and foremost, I 
believe that the time is right for this project to make their own Public 
License.  That way, we would not be controlled by anyone who wants to 
"redefine" the intent of the GPL/LGPL.  It is best to make the license as 
open as possible without being too strict on certain issues (such as using a 
dll or what have you).  Just because someone charged for the code doesn't 
mean that, when legal/moral/ethical, the code shouldn't be usable by an 
open-source/free program.  I am quite certain that this project's desire is 
to get the best/highest quality Bible study software in the world out to the 
people.  Why get trapped into a license which hampers that vision and that 

Obviously, I have never contributed a single line of code to the project.  I 
have contacted a publisher and requested permission to use some of their 
works (still pending).  I sincerely enjoy the work that has been done on the 
project by those of you who are talented enough to write code or prepare 
modules for everyone else.  I just want to see it given a chance.  If it 
means a modified, less restrictive open source license, so be it.  These are 
just my two cents.

In Christ,

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