[sword-devel] WEB bible

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 20 May 2001 19:11:05 +1200

> Could this be due to the text having multiple <FR> tags, starting in Matt 5:3, next in Matt 6:19, 24, 34(at end), 7:6,7,15, and 24
> with no closing <Fr> till Matt 7:27?
> and again in Matt 10:5-42, there are multiple <FR> tags with only one closing <Fr> tag.
> There are more (Matt 13, John 9  are the next two)

I fiddled around changing <FR> tags to four spaces:

There appear to be three problems:
1. non-closed <FR> tags.
2. <FR> tags with closing <Fr> tags in different verses. (The display isn't corrupted, but only the first verse is red.)
3. <FR> tags with closing <Fr> tags in different chapters. (First chapter's RTF has mismatched {} and RTF displayed. Second chapter
ok until the verse with the <Fr> in it, which is displayed in a different font, and the rest of the chapter is truncated.

BTW... If you convert all <FR> and <Fr> sequences to four spaces, or to <PP>, those chapters display fine, but with the Red Letters.

Stephen Denne.