[sword-devel] WEB bible

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 20 May 2001 18:29:11 +1200

Could this be due to the text having multiple <FR> tags, starting in Matt 5:3, next in Matt 6:19, 24, 34(at end), 7:6,7,15, and 24
with no closing <Fr> till Matt 7:27?
and again in Matt 10:5-42, there are multiple <FR> tags with only one closing <Fr> tag.
There are more (Matt 13, John 9  are the next two)

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> Hi .......
> Sorry about the message with no text.  It got lost somehow, so I'm
> writing it again.
> In the new alpha Win32 running under Windows 98, some chapters
> appear in GBF? encoding.  I tried to include an example of the encoding,
> but something in it seems to mess Pegasus up, so there is a small
> sample in an attachment.
> So far, I've found the problem in Matt 5-8 and Matt 10.
> I rarely use the WEB, so I don't know if the problem was there in earlier
> versions of the binary.  BUT it does NOT appear in Troy's new GUI
> prototype.  (Troy - it's so good, I keep going back to it for a look!).
> The same problem occurred in the original version of IGNT that I made
> (not the one that Chris modified).  In that version, it only occurred in John
> 1 and then only with footnotes turned on.  Chris thought it was to do with
> my mixed RTF and GBF footnote arrangement so he changed it, and that
> seemed to fix the problem.  (Except that so far I could never get Chris's
> version to show the footnotes in the correct font - so I'm still using my
> original).
> In WEB, the problem shows up on my installation with or without
> footnotes turned on.  I'll be happy to try any tests that would help.
> Blessings,
> Barry
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