[sword-devel] Compiling Sword - Linker error

Scott & Karen Newton sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 20 May 2001 09:19:05 +1200

Hello David

>     You can safely remove the nmfast50.lib from the libraries that are
> linked. To do so go to Project->Edit Option Source, do a search for the word
> nmfast50.lib and delete the reference to the library. The may be two or more
> locations so be sure to remove all of them, and be sure to leave space
> between the remaining library names when you delete the library name. Now
> save the file and close the page. Compile the program and let me know what
> happens.

It unfortunately wasn't quite as simple as that. I have
got it to compile though. nmfast50 wasn't the only
library :-(( In the end I set Components->Install
Packages->Build with Runtime Packages and
Project->Options->Packages->Build with Runtime Packages
to be vcl50, vcldb50 (not sure this is needed?) and
vclx50 and that seemed to
do the trick.
The only runtime packages you have in standard are
vcl50;vcldb50;vcljpg50;vclsmp50;vclx50. Vcl50 is all the
standard stuff, vclx50 I think is needed because of the
TDDEServerItems Lookup and Search and the TDDEServerConv
Bible (mainfrm.h). Swordlib will compile with just

I also tried compiling the Install Manager. As it
includes things like NMFTP.hpp I couldn't get it to
compile. If you want to enable this to be compiled under
the standard edition then you will probably need to
switch to something like the Indy components
(http://www.nevrona.com/Indy) - they are free
(BSD/Mozilla type license) and are
going to be included in Delphi 6, Kylix and most likely
C++ Builder 6 as well.

I haven't tried compiling anything else.

Hope this all makes sense. I'm fairly new to C++