[sword-devel] Compiling Sword - Linker error

David Trotz (Integrity Online) sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 18 May 2001 09:12:57 -0700

    I am so glad you are using the Standard Edition. Just about a week ago
we discussed making sure we only use the Standard Edition VCL components so
that all editions of Borland C++ Builder will compile the project, therefore
making the entry fee for wanting to work on the project much lower. But Troy
and I use the professional Editions and we have no real way to tell what
components we might be using that aren't with the Standard Edition. Now that
you were able to compile the code tells me that we are not using anything
that isn't included in the Standard Edition. This is good news :)
Now for your linker problem:
    You can safely remove the nmfast50.lib from the libraries that are
linked. To do so go to Project->Edit Option Source, do a search for the word
nmfast50.lib and delete the reference to the library. The may be two or more
locations so be sure to remove all of them, and be sure to leave space
between the remaining library names when you delete the library name. Now
save the file and close the page. Compile the program and let me know what
I hope this is helpful.
In Christ,
David Trotz

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> Hello
> I have the standard edition of Borland C++ Builder. When
> I build Sword it all compiles fine but in the linking I
> get that nmfast50.lib is not found. I've searched my
> machine but it doesn't exist. Is it safe to remove this
> library or am I missing something?
> Thanks
> Scott