[sword-devel] Questions & Requests

Brian Schroeder sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 18 May 2001 14:21:19 +0930


I recently subscribed to this list.  I am largely a Unix  user, and so
am very interested in the Sword project, since it seems to be the
only program of its type to run on Unix.  I am running a dual-boot
computer with Mandrake Linux and Windows ME.

I have Sword 1.5.1a running under Linux with many texts,
commentaries, and dictionaries.  I am looking at both bibletime
and gnomesword also.

I have loaded On-line Bible and Theophilos into Windows, and
am very impressed with the range of modules available for
these programs.

As such, I would like to help in some way to advance this project.

1. Firstly, is there any documentation etc. for new/interested people
to help get started?  (I have downloaded the API document, and,
although I have only looked through it briefly, it doesn't seem to
provide this.)

2. I have downloaded the prn2sword program and tried it out on
a couple of modules I exported (in rtf format) from On-line Bible.
Unfortunately, as soon as I tell it to start work it crashes.  Windows
ME reports that "prn2sword has caused an error in KERNEL32.DLL..."
Any ideas here?  (I am using the latest version of On-line Bible.)

3. I notice that Sword appears to be concentrating solely on directly
Bible-related stuff.  On-line Bible and Theophilos also include
a LOT of other material that I would very much like to see in
Sword.  This includes things like the pseudopigrapha, early church
fathers, creation science productions, and many others.  Is this
a philosophical decision that has been made for the Sword project,
or is it just something that hasn't yet been done?

4. I will not actually be able to put a lot of time into this, but is
there anything easy I can do to help?

Brian Schroeder