[sword-devel] WEB bible .....

Barry Drake sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 17 May 2001 12:12:56 +0100

Hi .....

The WEB version is one I have installed, but rarely use.  I just looked up 
Matt 5:1 in WEB and got the same kind of display I had in John 1:1 with 
my original IGNT - that is, it shows the GRB? source text ...  thus:

{\rtf1\ansi{\fonttbl{\f0\fdecor\fprq2 Times New 
Roman;}{\f1\froman\fcharset0\fprq2 Times New 
Roman;}{\f7\froman\fcharset2\fprq2 Symbol;}{\f8\froman\fcharset2\fprq2 
blue0;}\pard \qc\nowidctlpar{\f1\fs31\b Chapter 5\par\fs11\par}\pard 
\nowidctlpar \shading2000 \cf2\f0 {\fs21\cf1\super 1}{\fs25Seeing the 
multitudes, he went up onto a mountain. When he had sat down, his 
disciples came to him. }\pard \nowidctlpar \cf0 

I'm is running the new beta release of 1.5.1 that I downloaded the day 
before yesterday, under Windows 98.  The problem seems to be there in 
all verses from Matt 5 to the end of 7 and again in Matt 10.  I haven't 
looked anywhere else in the module.  

I don't know if the problem was there in earlier versions of the Win 32 
program - but it is NOT there in Troy's new GUI prototype.  (Troy - I keep 
playing with that because it is so good).  The IGNT that I made (not the 
revised one that Chris has put up among the the modules) only shows 
the problem when the footnotes are turned on.  In WEB the problem is 
there whether or not footnotes are on.  Obviously I can't check for the 
problem in my IGNT using the prototype as that doesn't yet implement 

If you want me to do any other tests, please shout.



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