[sword-devel] Unicode - was 1.52 & a request

Don A. Elbourne Jr. sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 15 May 2001 06:56:10 -0500

Paul Gear wrote:
> Rick Brannan has told me in the past that Logos _already_ use Unicode
> internally.  The fonts are not really the issue - i'm just
> curious as to how
> they could do so when some characters are apparently missing.
> Which ones are
> they, Harry?

I might be totally wrong here, because I don't know alot about Unicode, but
I was under the impression that there was Unicode "place holders" for every
necessary Biblical Hebrew need, there just is not yet a font designed to
output the them. If this is correct, then that must be how Logos does it.
Their native SGML format would be encoded with Unicode, but when they run a
script to compile it for their viewer, the Unicode is mapped for TT font
output. But that is just my assumption.

> > The next version of
> > Logos will be shifting to Unicode, but I don't know what their
> plans are for
> > the moment considering the holes in Unicode Hebrew support.
> > ...
> Well, we know how good Titus' fonts are at present.  Love those
> ugly fonts and
> square boxes for accents!  :-]

You are right. :-) I think bob said something about expecting a Unicode font
to be available before Titus reaches the market. You can check the Titus
newsgroup for his exact explanation.

Don A. Elbourne Jr.