[sword-devel] 1.52 & a request

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 14 May 2001 17:51:44 -0700

	My apologies for no one responding to your post.  I should have
answered much sooner...

> > After 1.52 there should be a major change in the way modules are created.
> > They should no longer be created based on FONTS (like symbol) which use a
> > proprietary and fontspecific encoding. They should rather be created based
> > on official ENCODINGS (e.g. iso8859-7 for greek). This way users can decide
> > which font they want to choose. It will even be possible to use an unicode
> > font to display every possible language. It is easy to map the standardized
> > charsets into unicode in the frontends. But that does not work with
> > fontspecific encodings.

I pretty much agree.  The Font= should reference an encoding, not a
specific font name.
Harry's response regarding unicode voices a very valid concern.

> > I have just looked into my sword-devel archive. There has been a discussion
> > in Feb 2000 concerning Unicode support in sword. Waves went high, but
> > nothing happened until now. IMO moving to the correct language specific
> > charset encodings would be a first step into this direction, and not a line
> > in sword code would have to be changed, because we still stick to 1 Byte
> > characters. Only some of the modules would have to be recoded, which could
> > be done almost automatically using GNU recode, I guess.


PS.  Please don't think your comments 'get lost'.  They are archived I
personally refer back to them when I have time to begin a new task.