[sword-devel] Win32 Frontend List??

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 14 May 2001 19:56:57 +0200

> I know this has been talked about before but is it possible that perhaps a
> new list for Win32 issues could be started? I am beginning to play with the
> Borland C++ Builder stuff and I will probably have several questions, and
> comments over the next few weeks, and I do not want to bogg down the
> mailing list for others. Otherwise Troy if you are the only one working on
> the Win32 frontend can I email you directly? Past messages that I sent to
> you directly were not answered and I don't know if that means direct
> communication is discouraged, or if the messages went to a wrong address,
> or if they were simply overlooked because of the number of messages you
> probably recieve in one day. David
> P.S. Anyone come up with a Win32 frontend name that sticks? I am tired of
> writing Win32 Frontend all the time :)

A new list should be started imo. This list is originally intended for 
discussion on the sword library development. A new list will also help new 
volunteers wanting to join you.

Perhaps the win 32 frontend should be put into a different cvs module than 
the sword core. sword/ occupies 165 Megs on my hdd (including the object 
files) at the moment. No problem for me, but it is pretty much for a small