[sword-devel] SWORD features

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 20 Oct 2000 08:32:58 -0700

>What I would like to have in SWORD:
>- Possiblity to underline parts of the text.

Possible with modules made in GBF or ThML.

>- Possibility of activating an option where I would see some verses with
different colors in the background meaning different subject. For example,
all verses about faith in yellow background, and so on.

You could set colors using ThML, but toggling would require new features in
the front end.

>- Possibility of putting the words of Jesus in red.

Possible with modules made in GBF or ThML

>- Possibility of, without uninstalling modules, hide some of the modules.

(not my area, but I inferred that Troy was working on this.)

>- Possibility of putting several different skins in the program.

This one's a front-end issue.  The Linux versions (BibleTime, GnomeSword, &
Cheatah) handle this inherently because of the toolkits they're built on.
BibleCS (for Windows) would be another story entirely.

>- Is it possible to search by strong numbers? If not, I would like to be
able to do that. And if it is, I would like to know how.

It's possible for front-ends to search by strong's numbers if you are
searching a module that includes them and have turned them on.  I don't know
whether any/all front-ends support this, but it is possible to do, through
the API.  To test, just turn strong's on in whichever front-end you're using
and do a search on any number.