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> Dear brothers,
> As I told you, I'm a web designer by profession (I consider myself to be a
> web programmer, since I think I'm not that good designing). I also know
> to program C++.
> I've finished the sketch of the site. I'm translating the whole site to
> portuguese, because I'm portuguese. Today, when I get home, I'll put the
> site online so that you can see it easily. Then I'll send another email
> telling its online and where it is online.

This is good! We'll decide later whic page we'll use.

> I've tried to contact Troy for a long time and still no answer. How can I
> do that?
> Joachim, did you get the list of the names of the books of the Bible in
> portuguese? Was that what you wanted?

I got no list.
If you want to translate the booknames for Sword I'll send you a file where
you havw to put some translations. I attached the template file.

> What I want to do...
> - I want to finish the web site with portuguese and english versions.
> - I want to make a portuguese version of SWORD (should be very easy, just
> had to change a little bit of the C++ code, it isn't even programming!). -
> Help in any portuguese relating thing, like portuguese commentaries,
> dictionnaries, etc.

For module ask Chris (he's on this list).

> All I ask in change is for my name to appear in the web site.
> Please ask me for all the help you need.
> Nuno Barreto