[sword-devel] html site

David Burry sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 19 Oct 2000 15:10:36 -0700

Good points.  You're right that is the most confusing part about SWORD, and most of the common everyday users don't care about libraries, APIs and interfaces, source code, etc.

I agree completely that it's best to give windows users (for instance) a way to just have simple windows download links that pertain to them only.  I was an advanced windows user before I became proficient with a Unix system, so I understand the mindset.  No offence taken, you are completely correct!  ;o)  Most windows users deal with windows out of necessity anyway and are not fanatically attached to their UI or OS like many of, ahem, certain others are (Linux, Mac, etc)  <grin>  Pop shots aside, if even dummies can understand it, then even us more advanced people should have less confusion.

I wasn't arguing that we shouldn't have a main page organized like this, only that having a main CrossWire page with simply "sword" on it is a waste.


At 01:27 PM 10/19/2000 -0700, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>        I see your point, but I think what is confusing about SWORD is that
>there are too many facets.  Windows users typically don't care about
>Linux, or servlet interfaces, or source code, or anything else.  I think
>there should be things on the menu like:
>        SWORD Modules
>        BibleCS (Windows UI.  'CS'? It's a long story.)
>        BibleTime (KDE UI)
>        GnomeSword (GNOME UI)
>        Irenaeus (curses UI)
>        diatheke (perl based CGI for web developers)
>        SWORD Libraries (for developers)
>maybe more.  But this might make each subpage much easier and more
>specific for the user to navigate.
>Like on the windows UI main page, I'd want to have simple download links
>for the software and where to get modules.  That's about all typical
>Windows user can deal with :)  Sorry to bag on the windows guys and
>gals; it's all in jest-- mostly (a little girl once said, "they only
>come out at night... mostly").
>        Does that make sense?  Or do you still feel that we shouldn't break up
>the main page this way?
>                -Troy.
>David Burry wrote:
>> I can see that conceptually crosswire is the hosting location for several
>> projects.... however... what other projects are there other than sword?  If
>> sword is the only option in the menu, what greater functionality is there
>> in having the menu to begin with right now?  Until you get a second project
>> on the web site, I don't see how the collage-of-all-projects page would
>> look any different than the main sword home page body for now.  ;o)
>> Web sites should not be designed to conform rigidly according to political
>> structures, for they make the most confusing web sites.  Rather they should
>> be designed to get the info wanted by the user to the user as quickly and
>> as easily as possible (and tastefully pretty too if possible), IMHO.
>> Dave
>> At 12:36 AM 10/19/2000 -0700, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>> >OK,
>> >         Here are a few 'ideas' from a NON-artistic, functional point of
>> > view.
>> >Anyone with creatively artistic skills can fill in the gaps:
>> >
>> >Conceptually, CrossWire is the hosting location of a number of
>> >opensource Christian projects.  The initial page should be designed to
>> >allow easy index access to any of these projects.  Maybe these could be
>> >in a sub-heading, or possibly in a java-script menu of some sort.  I
>> >don't know.
>> >
>> >The rest of the page might change often and be kindof a collage of
>> >lastest news from some of the projects.
>> >
>> >OK, I guess that's all the ideas I really have for now.  I'm sleepy.
>> >Goodnight,
>> >
>> >                 -Troy.