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Nathan sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 10 Oct 2000 03:10:45 +0200

Good day everyone

(My bit to keep stirring... <grin>)

  --- Symbols ---

The use of symbols are important as the Bible uses symbols.
In this picture, the "thing through which the sword is thrust"
definitely makes it look like the sword (which is a symbol of the
Word of God - Heb 4:12) is getting entangled in something else.
It is not a good idea to get the Word entangled...  :)
(Personal opinion obviously)

If it does not compromise the Word, why do it some way which
might upset someone? Some people are weaker than others.
(Some can drink wine, eat meat, etc. Other cannot.) By
God's grace they can grow stronger, esp. after using the program!

If it will compromise the Word, then too bad. If someone gets
offended because you only have the Bible and not the Koran or
Gita, too bad. Then they will not be interested in the Bible
in any case! :)

  --- Design ---

What I have noticed with both designs is that they are basically
leaving the site design as is, but with a slightly different
menu at the top. Is that the best way? Should we not look at some
OTHER designs as well?

The following are some questions that could be asked:

* Should we use graphics at all? If so, how much and how big.
  Remember that speed is still priority one with most people,
  no matter how nice those graphics look, if it slow, they leave.
  (Total page size including graphics should be less than 50K)

  Will people with graphics switched off, blind users and Lynx users
  (which are very few) still be able to navigate the site?
  (If the network at work is getting slow, I switch graphics off.

  You will be surprised how much faster it is, and how frustrating it
  is if you cannot navigate the site without graphics. I just leave)
  Would a search bot be able to navigate the site?
  What about a favicon.ico?

* Frames or single page? The move seems to be away from frames.
  I had endless problems with search engines dropping people into
  the middle of my site somewhere, and then they had no menu because
  they did not come in via the main page, and the menu frame did
  not load. Add navigational features on each page and you might as
  well do away with frames.
  There are some problems with printing the framed pages as well.

* Menu on the top or the left side?

* Should the design be completely unique, or a copy of a popular
  design-type, e.g. Yahoo-style, CNet-style, Amazon-style, etc?
  The reason is that people spend most of their browsing time on
  other sites, and do not have time to re-learn your unique style.
  By using something they are used to, they feel at home and can
  get around without having to experiment/getting confused.

* Use DHTML, Java or Javascript? Many people have these features
  switched off because of security reasons. At one stage I also
  had them switched off because Javascript pages made Netscape crash
  in Linux. No Javascript, no fancy roll-overs on the menu, no
  preloading of pictures, ...

  --- Some things to remember ---

Also remember the meta tags, the alt tags, picture width and height,
language descriptions, age restrictions/ratings, keywords,
titles, descriptions, etc.

Some colours also do not show up properly on the WebTV.

  --- </stirring> ---

God bless you,

   --- Original Message ---

> I like this look.  My only question on quick examination is what is the
> thing through which the sword is thrust?  Is it merely decorative, or is
> supposed to represnt something?  I have no strong feelings one way or the
> other, but if it is supposed to represent something, it is not clear to

I have to agree here.  Symbolism is a thing that causes a lot of division
with Christians.  Even something as simple as the cross ... some think that
Jesus should be on it, and others think that He shouldn't.  For some it even
extends to color ... some people will not attend a church based on the color
of carpet that is in it.  Should we cater to the extreme?  The use of
symbols help people remember things better ... should we use symbols for
this purpose?  Or, should we not use any?  Anyone have any thoughts?