[sword-devel] Comments on the SWORD CD

Joachim Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 17 Mar 2000 14:14:27 +0000


Here are my thoughts about the SWORD CD I received by Darwin some time ago.
I hope this is all, feel free to adapt some changes if you like it Troy.

Confusing directory structure
-The directory RPMS is in my opinion confusing, because some distributions call
source RPM packages RPMS

Different versions of SWORD on CD:
-The directory packages contains SWORD 1.45 but the directory "source" contains
-The directory "sword-1.4.6" contains the unpacked sources of SWORD, I think
this should be removed

Directories which are not needed:
-I think mods.d/bal should be removed

Directories and files which should be moved:
-I think all source packages should be moved into "source"
Example structure of "source"


-The "apps" directory which contains source code of bibletime and some other
programs should also be moved into source
-The directory called "goodies/me" should be renamed to "goodies/Troy"
-The directory called "bookmarks" is very confusing. Users want to open
bookmarks but they don't know it's for the windows frontend
-The file "sword-win32-1.4.6.zip" should be moved to a subdirectory
-I'd suggest to move all file required to install something on an OS should be
moved to "setup"

Structure of "setup":
	|-----<another OS>
	|-----<another OS>

The "tmp" directory should also go there (maybe "setup/linux/")
-The file "goodies/misc - win32/wgreek20.zip" doesn't necessalily contain
windows fonts, I'm sing the Type1 fonts of this packe

Directories and files which should be removed:
-The "src" directrory (theres the source directory instead)
-The "keys.txt" file

Files and directories with bad permissions:
-The have the right permissions on Linux the CD should be burned using the
RockRidge extension (but this is done so as I see)
-Only the executable files should have the execute right. The README files and
exe files of windows can't be executed in Linux but they have execute
permissions (probably more files)
-The "help directory should be moved to a subdirectory"

Probably most of these things are said before, but I really like to have a
clear structure.
Troy, thank you very much for all your effort creating such a CD!

Why not include the BIbleTime 0.3 CVS sources in the "goodies/lmisc-linux"
directory =
BTW, the subdirectories in goodies shouldn't contain spaces (like "misc -

-- Joachim
BibleTime - the bible study program for KDE