[sword-devel] Module versions synched

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 16 Mar 2000 13:49:39 -0700

CHRIS! :) and everyone else,
	I've sync'ed the modules that are on crosswire.org with the modules
that I had on the CD image.  I believe the ones on crosswire.org are the
latest.  Here are the differences in module presence.  I think some are
merely renames.  Please let me know if some of the old ones should be
included on the new CD, or if other version problems may be present. 

Only on old CD:

3136    modules/lexdict/rawld/vines
4728    modules/texts/rawtext/av
3648    modules/texts/rawtext/bhm
8072    modules/texts/rawtext/frelsg
4208    modules/texts/rawtext/nasb95
3968    modules/texts/rawtext/nivbr
4120    modules/texts/rawtext/nlt
880     modules/texts/rawtext/tischx
908     modules/texts/rawtext/whnux
888     modules/texts/rawtext/whx

Only on website and new CD:

100  modules/lexdict/rawld/reed
4176 modules/texts/rawtext/nau
8072 modules/texts/rawtext/frenchlsg  // actually this is on both but I
think it is a rename so I included it.
4088 modules/texts/rawtext/nib