[sword-devel] localization

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 13 Mar 2000 03:04:58 -0700

OK!  I have some stuff to show for localization.

I have checked in alot of changes, so please test test test.

I've taken the sword.pot file that Torsten submitted a while back and
built the beginnings of a real de.conf file.  I've left the book abbrevs
parsing table in the conf file the same as in english.  I don't know
what abbrevs might be appropriate for German.  Please edit this file to
your hearts content and check back in to CVS.

WORD OF CAUTION:  We need to consider how parsing might be done between
english and other locales mixed.  Joachim brought up a good point when
discussing verse tag formats.  How does one link from an english
commentary and book ch:vs reference to a non-english module that uses a
different locale?  Until we resolve this definitively, I would suggest
leaving the english book abbrevs table in the locale file and ADD to it
instead of replace it.  While some abbrevs might be ambiguous between
the languages, at least both english and non-english verse references
will be otherwise parsed correctly.

We don't need to be as careful keeping the table in alphabetical order
(due to the binary search algorithms used on the table) because the map
object that reads in the table now alphabetizes.

I've added locale support to a few of the test programs: parsekey and
keytest.  Try:
keytest de
parsekey "jas 1:19" de


Let me know your successes and failures.  There may be other things that
don't work now as alot of lowlevel code was touched in this work.

I'm hoping to work on the config hierarchy code next that will allow us
to add user modules and options that will augment the systemwide
settings.  This will allow us to specify things in ~/.sword/sword.conf
like defaultLocaleName= and should also fix the personal commentary



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