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good idea Jim...


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> Good evening all.
> I have been doing some thinking about a "problem" that was the center of
> discussion for several weeks recently.  The "problem" centered around
> copyrighted texts and the publisher's reluctance to give us permission to
> distribute them freely.  My take on the subject is that we can not support
> the necessary time, money and resources to sell stuff from the site, and
> publishers don't want to give the Word away for free. I also understand
> the Projects status as a non-profit organization might be placed in
> if we sell things from it. My email is not intended to stir up more
> contraversy but to make a suggestion which could benefit both the Project
> and the publishers.
> Here goes:  Has anyone contacted the big Christian web sites/portals about
> setting up a three-way partnership between Crosswire, the major publishers
> and the site (such as Goshen.com, iBelieve.com, etc.).  The portal would
> provide advertising and server space for the free modules and the program
> well as a "premium" modules page.  The portal would act as the seller for
> the "premium" modules (taking payment for themselves and sending the
> publisher an agreed upon stipend from the sale).  We would not have to get
> our hands "dirty" by selling the modules but the Sword Project would be
> getting some great, free advertising.  This would possibly mean more help
> from more people.  The portal site could even be placed in charge of
> the licensing agreements from the publishers in order to sell the locked
> modules.  All in all, it could be a win-win-win situation.
> One of the major reasons for going this route is this:  If a believer is
> looking for tools to help him/her with his/her walk with God, then it
> to reason that the first place that would be investigated would be a major
> Christian portal site.  I doubt that people would go to Yahoo! and type in
> "free Christian software" or "free Bible software".  Most people are not
> going to even think that there is any free Bible software.  I didn't go to
> Yahoo!, I was noodling about on Goshen's website and found a link to
> Christian shareware.  Through looking at that area of their site I found
> Sword Project.  I am certain that many others would be blessed greatly by
> having the software readily available through one or more of the major
> Christian portals.
> Again, I don't want to stir up the debate about the morality of selling
> God's Word, I just want to give the project a higher profile.  I hope and
> pray that everyone on this list is found in good health and is blessed
> mightily by God.
> Your brother in Christ,
> Jim
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