[sword-devel] Re: [sword-support] RE: Sword Questions and Observations

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 25 Feb 2000 12:38:52 -0700

Tony, I'm moving this over to the developers' forum, as others may be
interested in interacting...

> Is there work underway to enable clicking on treasury references 
> to cause a bible 'target' window to > navigate to that address?

I'm not sure what you've found out, but there are 2 methods for
crossreferencing.  Unlike other standards like STEP, we have taken a
different approach to key lookups.  We don't presume to know what
modules might be installed or created in the future and thus do not
'hyperlink' any content of a module.  We allow a lookup 'attempt' on any
content.  Thus, if you highlight text an then right click, you will get
a 'Dictionary lookup' option.  This will attempt to lookup your
highlighted text (or will default to word if no text is highlighted) in
the currently active lexicon or dictionary.  We also attempt to parse as
a 'verse reference' any highlighted text and give you the option to jump
there in the Text / Commentary windows.  A final parse that me attempt
on a right-click is to find a #verse list| syntax (these have been left
over from the OLB texts that we have ported.  We then parse this as a
verse list the same as if you had highlighted the entire syntax.

> Is there work underway on a Java-based front end or something
> that would run the modules within a browser frame (worse performance,
> but no install needed and ability to host from a web site)? 

Chris Little has written a perl / cgi that allows publishing an
installed SWORD module set via an http server.  You may download
diatheke from our ftp site or see: http://bible.gotJesus.org for a

We also have the beginnings of java classes that work against an
installed SWORD module set.  We use them for the .jsp's that make up our
download page.  They may be checked out from the CVS repository as
module name 'jsword'.

> Is there documentation beyond the help file which describes what
> features are being worked on or expected for the future?

If you hang around the dev list for a little while you'll get some
idea.  Please feel free to suggest or offer work on anything for which
you may see a need.

	Thanks for all of your feedback.  Looking forward to working with you.