[sword-devel] Re: [bt-devel] Burning CD images

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 12 Feb 2000 12:14:52 -0700

> As Troy has agreed in the issue of burning decentralized CD's I'd
> suggest we collect a list of volunteers from the various countries that
> are willing and have the ressources to burn the CD's. We would then post
> this list to our and crosswire's site so people can inform themselves
> whom to contact. Daniel and Joachim already voluntered. I would jump in
> if the demand rises too high for Germany.
> I don't know how to do it with bank account info (where to send the
> money to). What do you think: should this be posted to the site (I
> dislike this :) or only send to ppl that request a CD from you by mail?
> What price do you suggest?
> Hope to hear from many of you :)

I would suggest posting a 'minumum' amount covering your expenses a
little extra for your equipment usage-- probably $5.00 in the US, and
explain that anything over and beyond will contribute toward resources
for those that can't afford.  Just my suggestion, though.  From my
experience, you will get about 60% giving the bare minimun, 35% offering
just a little above, and then some sending as much as $20.00 dollars.

I have a P.O. Box set up for the CD's.  This is very inexpensive in the
States (around $40/yr).

I have $'s to stamp CD's in quantities.  Count 1000, works out to about
73c / CD, +8c for labeling, +8c for art and inset, +12c for case.

$1.01 / CD.  This is really cool.  I will be willing to do this once we
get a CD that we feel is good enough for the time it will take to
distribute 1000 CDs.  I had planned to do this a few months back but the
linux setup took longer than I expected.  I feel we are close now,

Also, I would like to look into the price for cardboard sleaves for the
CD instead of plastic cases.  The cost of printing these should be
considerably cheaper than .12 + .8 / CD, plus we may be able to just
slap a label on them and mail them bypassing the $1.00  packaging costs
and much less postage / CD.