[sword-devel] Comments on Sword ISO Image

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 10 Feb 2000 13:03:48 -0700

> First, thanks for the great work!

It's getting there.  I have some more updates that make the linux
install much nicer.  I'll post tomorrow.

I'll probably keep updating the 'image' directory and not the ISO until
we're done (next week maybe?).  Does this sound resonable?

> The meaning of a tmp directory on a CD-ROM eludes me.  You may want to pick
> a more meaningful name.

yeah.  I need a directory where mods.d did not exist or installmgr
thinks your current directory is your installed modules.  I'll rename on
the final image.

> The inclusion of keys.txt in the root directory may minimize the
> effectiveness of module encryption.

This was a mistake.  It was included for the last image I burned to
someone on the dev list and I forgot to delete before making the ISO. 
I'll remove soon, but I think it's safe to say that anyone that knows
how to burn an ISO is probably on the dev list.

> There also appears to be a significant amount of redundancy.  Eliminating
> the redundancy could reduce the size of the ISO image.  Every little bit
> helps.

There is some, but not much.  I definitely need to clean things up
though.  That image is about 8th generation.  Much of that stuff is
obsolete, unfortunely, not much that takes up much space.

> I have burned CDs based on the non-compressed ISO, and the gzipped, and
> neither has successfully exececuted the autorun in Windows 95.  This could
> be my burning software, but I thought it was worth noting.

I have made images and have no problems on 98.  I'll try a 95 box.

> I enjoyed the personal pictures.  You may want to explain the white
> rectangle in the family picture.  My assumption is that you didn't like how
> you looked...

:)  Sorry, that was actually a mistake.  I 'cut' instead of 'copied' and
accidently saved over my only copy.  I explained it on a web site a long
time ago, but I'm guessing I only have images and no .txt file for
explanation on the CD. :)

> Again, thanks for the hard work.

Thanks for taking the time and resources to test and send CD!