[sword-devel] spelling mistakes in bible mods

Ansorg- Matthias sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 7 Nov 1999 22:09:34 +0100

Hi out there!

Thank you for giving access to the SWORD devel-list.
As a new member, I want to give short introduction of mine:
-name Matthias Ansorg
-aged 18
-brother is a developer of BibleTime (Joachim Ansorg)
-I work a lot with BibleTime and have therefore some suggestions, bug reports etc.
-I am German and therefore interested in German modules; in the long run, I will
perhaps contribute a German commentary or something
-my more recent contributions will be: bug reports, suggestions, some testing if required

Now the spelling mistakes in various modules, discovered while working with these modules, so of
course no claim to completeness or to proper corrections. These mistakes are not re-proved on the
newest versions of the modules, for this would produce unnecessary expense of download to me, while
some of you already have the newest versions if any. Please tell me when someone has corrected the
mistakes, for then I can remove the correspondent lines from my long text of suggestions, ideas
etc. concerning BibleTime and to a lower degree SWORD. Thank you! I'm in turn open for every
correction in my email :-)

In module Elberfelder (German Elberfelder Version):
Genesis 14:23		add a blank after the exclamation mark
Judges 4:9		replace »sprach sie« with »sprachen sie«
Judges 6:19		the correct expression is »in einen Topf«
1 Kings 15:17-31	the same (?) person is named »Baesa« and »Basea« (two times in 1 Kings 15:27)
1 Kings 16:31		this verse has in »unrevidierte Elberfelder«, paper version, the following
marks that improve the readability a lot: »Und es geschah - war es zu wenig, dass er in den Sünden
Jerobeams, des Sohnes Nebats, wandelte? -, daß [...]«. Are they missing here?
1 Samuel 10:5		put a blank between the comma and the second »durch« of the annotation
Mark 10:29		write »meinet- und« instead of »meinet-und«
John 2:14		missing blanks after »Ochsen-« and »Schafe«
John 2:15		write »Münzen« instead of »Münze«
John 8:4		write »der« instead of »er«
John 3:31		write »oben« instead of »ober«
Galatians 5:22		put a comma between »Friede« and »Langmut«
Romans 8:26		write »unaussprechlichen« instead of »unaussprechliche«

In module Schlachter (1951 Schlachter Bibel):
Judges 21:25		the end of the verse has an additional » w« too much
Job 38:34		remove the blank between the italic-shown »und befehlen« and the following
comma. This is a more general problem that affects the »Elberfelder (German Elberfelder Version)«
module, too: punctuationmarks are not shown immediately after italic-formatted text, but separated
by a blank (see John 8:10 in Elberfelder).

In module BBE (The BBE bible):
Revelation 12:12		»a A woman clothed ...« should be »a woman clothed ...« or »A woman clothed«

Again a more general problem: The German bible translations (at least Elberfelder and Sclachter)
contain to German umlauts at the beginning of a verse. Examples:
1 Corinthians 5:1		the first word has to be »Überhaupt« instead of »berhaupt«
1 Timothy 5:2		the first word has to be »ältere« instead of »ltere«
Romans 1:3		the first word (only Elberfelder) has to be »über« instead of »ber«

God bless your work!