Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 07 Nov 1999 12:33:30 -0700

	I apologize for not getting back to you regarding building new BHS keys
for your module.  One of my closest friends got married yesterday and I
was very busy and stressed for the past week. :)

Keys are not too difficult to build  the .vss is the index for a module
and consists of a series of 6 byte records-- 4-byte offset into your
datafile, 2-byte size of the record.

Each record is a reference into your datafile signifying the following

[Module Intro]
[Testament Intro]
[Book 1 Intro]
[Book 1 Chapter 1 Intro]
[Book 1 Ch 1 Vs 1]
[Book 1 Ch 1 Vs 2]
[Book 1 Ch 1 ...]
[Book 1 Chapter 2 Intro]
[Book 1 Ch 2 Vs 1]
[Book 1 ...]
[Book 2 Intro]
[Book 2 Chapter 1 Intro]

And similar between OT and NT.

Hope this helps.  There are many index programs available scattered
throughout the source tree that build these index files.  They are not
very pretty, but I'm sure you can cut and paste to get one working for
BHS.  I'm not sure if Chris used the OLB converter or wrote his own for
the BHS module as it is now.

Hope this helps.  Let me know if there is anything specific I might do
to help you.


PS.  I would like to see what you have done with the help files.  I
appreciate your work.  I will check it out this evening.

> OK still having problems with the hebrew modules displaying hebrew.
> I can convert a raw BHS export into Modern ISO Hebrew such as used by email
> and the web. (Rather than the old DOS style still used by OLB. It would not
> affect the export file EXCEPT remapp the letters to their new HighASCII
> values. But I still need someone to compile it into a BHS module since I can
> noyt seem to successfully do that.
> Im not helpless, I DID redesign the help files into a standard Windows
> helpfile which can easily be called from the Help menu. This looks more
> professional. But the modules are increasing my coffee intake!
> Help!!!
> Yeshiah
> I also added menu items to each EXE to call the other program. this is alot
> easier than using the windows menu when you want to add or remove a module
> while in Sword.