[sword-devel] New Download JSP

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 09 Nov 1999 22:23:57 +0000

> > Speed is OK.
> Speed looks good to me too.  I'm getting about 15k/s transfers which is
> pretty average.

Good deal.

> > > The only issue I see is that the filename is always SwordMod.zip instead of a
> > > module-name related filename.
> >
> > Yeah, if anyone knows how I might solve this one, I'm all ears!  You
> > should have seen what I had to do to get it to default to SwordMod.zip!
> > It was a real hack!  The servlet that streams the zip data is a class
> > called 'zip' in a package called 'SwordMod', hence 'SwordMod.zip' :)
> This is quite a serious issue - it means kicking off multiple downloads is messy
> and time-consuming.

Well, it's not too bad.  The name just 'defaults' to SwordMod.zip.  It
doesn't mean you can't change it when prompted by your browser for
location to save the file.  Any suggestions?

> > Did i miss something?  What is InstallMgr?
> InstallMgr is the Windows based module installer Troy made a few months ago.
> It installs either from a local source like CD-ROM or over a network via FTP
> (unfortunately doesn't handle passive connections or http, which makes it
> difficult to handle through a firewall).  It also has the nice benefit of
> showing you when new or updated modules are available.  The only real
> drawback is that the modules are not compressed at all and it hasn't been
> ported to Linux.

It is installed with the last few binary releases of the WIN32 gui

> > > The JSP could be rearranged to allow a user to 'check' the modules that
> > > are desired and then have a button that 'posts' to the zip servlet that
> > > would then build a zip will ALL selected modules.  This would allow you
> > > to 'set it and forget', with the small step of unzipping after the
> > > transfer.  Not sure...
> This might be an improvement, but it still isn't as nice as InstallMgr which
> will do all the installing for me and everything.  There would also be an
> issue of transfer interruption if someone decided to download a couple
> hundred megs of modules only to have it die two thirds of the way through
> transfer.

Yeah, you're right.  It may be an easy task to make InstallMgr handle
passive ftp.  Not sure about http, though.  I'm hoping to get DEB and
RPM downloads also working with the new download page.  This would give
users a little more native means for install.  This is especially useful
for non-X UNIX installs.

> > > Thanks again for your feedback.  (No comment on my PERL slam?) :)
> >
> > Perl deserves every slam it gets, and a few it doesn't.  ;-)
> oh yeah, sorry I forgot to flame back. :)
> PERL is probably the best language for regexes, which is mostly what I've
> been using it for in the course of making modules.  It's very simple to
> learn and quite likely the best (and best supported on multiple platforms)
> language for writing CGI scripts also.  Plus, via CPAN, there's probably
> more ready-to-reuse code for PERL than any other language except C.
> Languages don't automatically suck just because they aren't compiled . . .
> well, except maybe Java. :)

:)  Hey now.  Some people in here are sensative.
I do use a perl script to get showtimes downloaded from yahoo.com into
my palm each week, so for some business critical tasks, I guess it works