[sword-devel] Re: Index help

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 09 Nov 1999 07:36:35 +0000

> You are looking for the phrase "Mozel Tov" and thank you


> Anyway, all I get from prn2sword is the below error and looking through
> someone elses undocumented code (I am guilty in my own VB code) is VERY

> I think I need a prn walk through to know what to expect as input. perhaps
> If I knew what prn expected I could create the file manually?

Have you tried prn2sword with a real OLB module?  Have you followed the
steps in prn2sword exactly?  The steps show you how to produce a data
file from OLB on which prn2sword knows how to operate.  This is probably
the best way to get a reference file for your purposes.  I don't have
one handy, and don't have OLB for windows installed anymore, so it would
be a task for me to produce an example data file.  I still would be
happy to comment my code for you though, if it will help you understand,
if you are still having trouble after you see what it is expecting.

Hope this helps.  I'm really excited about what you are doing!  I took
Hebrew at Phoenix Seminary last semester with the hopes of understanding
the language better so that I might produce a quality Hebrew module, but
was discouraged when I could not get the WIN32 RTF control that ships
with the US version of windows95 to display right-to-left.  And MS would
not provide a download of the RTF control that does have this
functionality, meaning all our users would have to buy an international
version of windows to use! :)  No good there.  Looking forward to the
fruits of your efforts!