[sword-devel] Re: Index help

Yeshiah Mikhol sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 8 Nov 1999 06:34:01 -0500

You are looking for the phrase "Mozel Tov" and thank you

Anyway, all I get from prn2sword is the below error and looking through
someone elses undocumented code (I am guilty in my own VB code) is VERY
tricky. Especially for a newbie to a language...

Error: Found verses out of sequence
Expected 1 (Genesis 1:1), but got 20
   Currently SWORD only supports KJV verse numbering and book ordering.
   Try combining extra verses with the last valid verse just before,
including it in footnote markers <RF><Rf>(eg. <RF>(24) verse text. (25)
verse text<Rf>)
   This way, even though they will display in SWORD along with the previous
verse, all data will be displayed.
   Where verses are missing, add a blank entry.
   Then try rerunning

So I tried OLB2Sword which worked on the KJV but since the Text.dats are
compressed I can not modify them first. ALSO will only work on KJV and not
any other text which do not contain Xrefndxs.dat file.

I think I need a prn walk through to know what to expect as input. perhaps
If I knew what prn expected I could create the file manually?