[sword-devel] Re: Index help

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 08 Nov 1999 07:13:35 +0000

> Troy,
> I also need to know who did the JPS and HNV modules. I am new to C+ but not
> to the goal of this developement. I want to help the program but will need
> some help getting started on building modules.

Chris has been the man when it comes to indexing modules.  He's done the
majority of the work by far.  I'm pretty sure he did the JPS and HNV
modules.  See, I think he knows PERL, and although PERL is a mostly a
wantabe language ( ;) ), it does a really good job parsing texts-- right
up there with sed and awk :)  Really, though-- he's your man, but I
believe he's been really busy elsewhere lately.

> I have looked at the C:\sword145\src\modules code and I AM LOST!!!!!!

You should take a look in the OLB directory.  The source for prn2sword
is in there and should get you started with a CBuilder project file for
compiling an index program.  You should be able to modify and experiment
from there.  Let me know if this get you on your way or if you need a
walkthru on the this code.

> BTW Troy, had my own wedding last week...

Are you serious?!!!  Congratulation!  er, Mozzeltop, or something! 
Right on dude.  I'm excited for you.  God's best!