Yeshiah Mikhol sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 7 Nov 1999 22:51:41 -0500

can you help walk me through rebuilding the BHS. I am not getting anywhere.
I need to alter the text and rebuild to see if I can solve some Hebrew

I also need to know who did the JPS and HNV modules. I am new to C+ but not
to the goal of this developement. I want to help the program but will need
some help getting started on building modules.

I have looked at the C:\sword145\src\modules code and I AM LOST!!!!!!
BTW Troy, had my own wedding last week...


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Date: Sunday, November 07, 1999 2:45 PM
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> I apologize for not getting back to you regarding building new BHS keys
>for your module.  One of my closest friends got married yesterday and I
>was very busy and stressed for the past week. :)
>Keys are not too difficult to build  the .vss is the index for a module
>and consists of a series of 6 byte records-- 4-byte offset into your
>datafile, 2-byte size of the record.
>Each record is a reference into your datafile signifying the following
>[Module Intro]
>[Testament Intro]
>[Book 1 Intro]
>[Book 1 Chapter 1 Intro]
>[Book 1 Ch 1 Vs 1]
>[Book 1 Ch 1 Vs 2]
>[Book 1 Ch 1 ...]
>[Book 1 Chapter 2 Intro]
>[Book 1 Ch 2 Vs 1]
>[Book 1 ...]
>[Book 2 Intro]
>[Book 2 Chapter 1 Intro]
>And similar between OT and NT.
>Hope this helps.  There are many index programs available scattered
>throughout the source tree that build these index files.  They are not
>very pretty, but I'm sure you can cut and paste to get one working for
>BHS.  I'm not sure if Chris used the OLB converter or wrote his own for
>the BHS module as it is now.
>Hope this helps.  Let me know if there is anything specific I might do
>to help you.
> -Troy.
>PS.  I would like to see what you have done with the help files.  I
>appreciate your work.  I will check it out this evening.
>> OK still having problems with the hebrew modules displaying hebrew.
>> I can convert a raw BHS export into Modern ISO Hebrew such as used by
>> and the web. (Rather than the old DOS style still used by OLB. It would
>> affect the export file EXCEPT remapp the letters to their new HighASCII
>> values. But I still need someone to compile it into a BHS module since I
>> noyt seem to successfully do that.
>> Im not helpless, I DID redesign the help files into a standard Windows
>> helpfile which can easily be called from the Help menu. This looks more
>> professional. But the modules are increasing my coffee intake!
>> Help!!!
>> Yeshiah
>> I also added menu items to each EXE to call the other program. this is
>> easier than using the windows menu when you want to add or remove a
>> while in Sword.