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Sun Dec 30 21:43:53 MST 2012

Hi everyone,
I don't know the suitable list to submit this question to, so i posted it to Sword-Devel and Osis-Users

Now, We've made a very simple commentary editor, so non-technical data entry can use it easily to generate valid XML 

We'll use it to make Arabic Commentaries, But i have some questions about OSIS XML

The Main Output
the program above make this output based on the chosen options

<div type="section" annotateType="commentary" annotateRef="Gen.1.1"><p> Blah Blah Blah
Blah Blah

How to Add Titles to the commentary text, So Verse 1 Commentary could start with title explaining the topic of the Verse/Verse Range ?
What are the suitable tags for references (to verses, or general references) ?
What are the suitable tags for Book intro ?

This is an example for the Commentary Source text

As you can see in the links above the commentary contains a lot of titles and references

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas 
GOD Bless you all and Bless your service

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