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Markku Pihlaja markku.pihlaja at sempre.fi
Fri Dec 14 08:27:54 MST 2012

Hello again,

Our project is really on the finish lines now, but I still ran across a few
new questions, this time about footnotes.


In the text (at least in print versions), there is an asterisk marking the
position of a footnote. Again, in the print version, at the bottom of the
page you'll find a list of the footnotes on that page. Each item on the
list starts with an abbreviation of the verse or range it refers to, and
then comes the actual footnote text. So there's actually a sort of
bidirectional link between the text and the footnote, with different
markers at each end.

To clarify the terms (I'm not sure what these different elements really
should be called), here's an example (from 1Pet.5.13).
The actual passage:

13 Teille lähettää tervehdyksen Babylonissa* oleva seurakunta, valittu niin
kuin tekin.

and the footnote at the bottom of the page:
5:13 Babylon on peitenimi, jolla tarkoitetaan Roomaa.

Obviously, the whole <note> markup should be where the asterisk is,
shouldn't it?
So, first without some attributes:

Teille lähettää tervehdyksen Babylonissa<note type="explanation">Babylon on
peitenimi, jolla tarkoitetaan Roomaa.</note> oleva seurakunta, valittu niin
kuin tekin.

Is that correct so far? I selected type="explanation" since that seemed the
most general type - in our project it's not possible to classify them more

Then we add the osisRef to define the range this note applies to, and an n
attribute to store the marker in the footnote (green in the above example):

Teille lähettää tervehdyksen Babylonissa<note type="explanation"
osisRef="1Pet.5.13" n="5:13">Babylon on peitenimi, jolla tarkoitetaan
Roomaa.</note> oleva seurakunta, valittu niin kuin tekin.

The reference marker will in some cases be tailored from just a standard
verse reference, so it has to be stored in some attribute - it can't be
derived from the osisRef.

We are rather close now, but where should I place the asterisk? The n
attribute would otherwise be the obvious place, but it's in use already. Or
is there some other place to store the reference marker?

The asterisk shouldn't be after the </note> closing tag since it's not
content but structure.

To save time: please don't suggest that I omit the green reference marker -
as I mentioned, building it up from the osisRef is not an acceptable option.

My best shot would be omitting the asterisk for now and mention in the
documentation that the <note> structure should display as an asterisk at
least in print versions. But can you think of better ways?


There are cases when there are several asterisks that refer to the same
footnote. These asterisks can be in the same verse, in adjacent verses or
sometimes even non-adjacent verses (although this won't probably make a

Duplicating an identical reference to each asterisk would seem like a
really stupid solution, but how do you define a note that refers to another
footnote but acts like a footnote and not like a cross-reference?

Example, Luke 22:43,44:
43 Silloin taivaasta ilmestyi hänelle enkeli, joka vahvisti häntä.* 44 Suuressa
tuskassaan Jeesus rukoili yhä kiihkeämmin, niin että hänen hikensä vuoti
maahan veripisaroiden tavoin.*

22:43,44 Nämä jakeet puuttuvat useista käsikirjoituksista mutta kuulunevat
Luukkaan alkuperäiseen tekstiin.

I don't want the footnote text to appear (in the OSIS file) twice, at both
asterisks, but both asterisks should refer to the same footnote instead.

Thanks again in advance for any help,

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