[jsword-devel] Versifications and key absence

Chris Burrell chris at burrell.me.uk
Mon Aug 5 09:42:15 MST 2013


I'm having a strange behaviour due to how our versifications are

If I'm looking at the OSMHB module, then looking up Mat 1 gives me
a NoSuchKeyException
If I'm looking at the TR module, then looking up Gen.1 gives me an empty

STEP shows a message saying the module doesn't cover the passage in the
latter case. The former case is tricky, since the reference could be
anything at all...

What are your thoughts? Ideally, I'd want to say "invalid" when the
reference is something completely unparseable. However if it's simply not
present in the versification, then I'd probably want to say that module
doesn't cover the passage.

We get similar issues for Apocryphal books. Any thoughts?
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