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Martin Denham mjdenham at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 14:52:02 MST 2012

Hi DM,

I am still getting to grips with git but have been using it for a few
months and here are some of my thoughts and experiences.

I chose to use github because it is the most widely used, by
but I don't know how the features compare and didn't have the option of my
own git server.

After creating a github account I took the option to import the old svn
repo which worked pretty well.  It retained all history and user info, but
lost the labels (which seems normal).  There are ways to retain labels but
the easiest option seems to be just to manually add them again.

I use eGit from within eclipse which is pretty good.  Occasionally egit or
me have become confused - I, or should I say git, had a detached
and I went down to the git command line to sort things out, but that
rare and normally I stick to egit.

I have several different repos on github for different projects I work on.
 This seems to be the github way and is easier than the single google code
svn repo.  However, my projects are very distinct and I am not suggesting
you should split the current JSword svn contents.

If you decide to switch to git sooner rather than later, before completing
av11n, it would be quite simple to create an 'av11n' branch pointing to the
current head and point 'master' at the last commit prior to starting the
av11n work, which would mean you could then work on an av11n branch if you
wished.  Branches are really easy to work with in git.

Best regards

On 18 March 2012 13:30, Peter von Kaehne <refdoc at gmx.net> wrote:

> On 18/03/12 12:47, Matěj Cepl wrote:
> > On 18.3.2012 13:45, Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> >> I disagree.
> >
> > OK, I was wrong then ... I know gitolite (or gitosis) just from
> > git.fedoraproject.org and I thought that it is the typical use case.
> I use it to have
> a) a few people to have access to my practice website - I use the script
> hooks to upload changes to the git repo into the actual site
> b) to have several Russians to work on a Strong's encoded Synodal Bible
> c) to have some collaborators share with me work on modules.
> I am sure it is capable of running hundreds of sites, but I use it for 6
> or 7 sites, with 7 or 8 people who I do not want to give an ssh account
> on my own server and it does not appear to be overkill - rather it is a
> lot easier to administer, once set up than any kind of other setup I
> have tried in the past (and did not get to work)
> The two things which I really like are the hooks system which can be
> used for triggered builds e.g. and the lack of need to give ssh access.
> Peter
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