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DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Tue Mar 13 08:26:42 MST 2012

On 03/10/2012 09:29 AM, Martin Denham wrote:
> Has there been any discussion regarding the possibility of migrating 
> to git?

No serious discussions. The major issue is that there needs to be a 
master copy of the code, with all others ultimately being branches of 
it. Since git can be layered over SVN, we can have SVN be the 
authoritative, master copy and the layers of git be the branches. 
Finally, there needs to be a small number of people that are gatekeepers 
of the master.

>   I started development of And Bible using google-code svn but 
> migrated to github some months ago and it does have some advantages.
> One advantage of git is that it makes it a lot easier to work on 
> branches which would have been useful during av11n development.

This is more a problem with how we are using SVN. The model that we 
should use is to have trunk be the next release and tag each release 
from it (as we are now doing), but also to create a release branch for 
each tag when needed to solve bugs, add translations, etc.

In the case of av11n, it should have been done on a branch because of 
how disruptive it is. Basically, a feature that cannot become stable in 
a few weeks shouldn't be implemented in trunk.

> Another advantage, at least when using github, is the ability to pull, 
> push, and create pull-requests, allowing people to more easily 
> contribute to your project without having any permissions - one 
> translator likes to work in this way and there are files in the And 
> Bible repo with his userid on them but he has no permissions on the 
> repo itself.

I understand how this increases collaboration, but I have some concerns. 
They might be/probably are based on a misunderstanding of how git works. 
I think that by layering git over svn, my concerns probably are satisfied.

> One disadvantage is that it is more complicated, or at least I find it 
> so.  The flip-side is I am still learning new features even after so 
> many months.
Part of my problem is that I know and am comfortable with svn. I'm not 
eager to try something else, especially with a non-trivial learning 
curve, if the problem can be solved simply in svn. Maybe it is time I 
took a serious look at git.

And thank you so much for your latest check-ins. I've not had time to 
reply to you, but I really appreciate them.

> Regards
> Martin
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