[jsword-devel] Git

Martin Denham mjdenham at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 07:29:13 MST 2012

Has there been any discussion regarding the possibility of migrating to
git?   I started development of And Bible using google-code svn but
migrated to github some months ago and it does have some advantages.

One advantage of git is that it makes it a lot easier to work on branches
which would have been useful during av11n development.

Another advantage, at least when using github, is the ability to pull,
push, and create pull-requests, allowing people to more easily contribute
to your project without having any permissions - one translator likes to
work in this way and there are files in the And Bible repo with his userid
on them but he has no permissions on the repo itself.

One disadvantage is that it is more complicated, or at least I find it so.
 The flip-side is I am still learning new features even after so many

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