[jsword-devel] github - translation commits

Douglas Campos qmx at qmx.me
Fri Jun 15 08:21:42 MST 2012

Hi Martin!

On Jun 15, 2012, at 12:09 PM, Martin Denham wrote:

> The need to update the Arabic Bible book names has prompted this e-mail.
> I have started looking into redirecting the Amanuens translation tool, which is used by And Bible translators, from svn to github.  Can/how do we get commit rights to the new jsword repository on github?
> To set up Amanuens to check into And Bible github repository I had to create a ssh key pair, upload the private key to Amanuens and the public one to github.  Here are a user's comments on the process.  So I suppose I could send somebody a public key to add to the JSword github repo and add the private key to Amanuens.
Honestly, this is scary from a security POV - you really want to use a fork of jsword for this, and we can perhaps coordinate on pulling the translations in.

> Regarding branches: When JSword used svn Amanuens checked into the tip.  Has a particular branching model been discussed or are we updating master?  The branching model may be irrelevant to Amanuens because Amanuens will probably have problems checking into anything except master.
> DM, one alternative would be for you to create your own Amanuens account for JSword resources which you could manage, but I am happy to continue as we are.
any random github account for amanuens that forks jsword will do. and someone will need to keep the repo updated on the fork (easily scriptable FWIW)
> A quick hack would be for me to leave Amanuens configured as it is for now, check into the JSword svn, copy the translated file, and make a Pull request on the github account.
The current jsword svn is frozen, and there were already fixes at jsword's github repo, this at least won't fly

-- qmx

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