[jsword-devel] where is jsword-base?

Erick F erick4j at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 23 08:57:32 MST 2011

I checked out the jsword project from svn/jsword/trunk into Eclipse as a maven project and I got this:

   Project build error: Non-resolvable parent POM: Could not find artifact org.crosswire:jsword-base:pom:1.6.1-SNAPSHOT and 'parent.relativePath' points at wrong local POM

I looked around in svn/jssword/trunk but i don't see jsword-base. Do you mind pointing me to the right link. 

I'm new to this and I would like to learn how to use the APIs to write a service/front-end based on your API and modules.

Thanks and GB!

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