[jsword-devel] AV11N and ftp download

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Dec 15 07:35:45 MST 2011

On the 14th of November Brian Fernandes asked how the Av11n work is
coming along, offering his help, but received no response. Much longer
before that Tonny from Al-Kitab also signalled his willingness to assist
in fixing things.

In the meantime I have received a letter from a country with very
difficult access for Bibles explaining why a use of Crosswire software
will not be possible as the Android Frontend does not cope with av11n -
here simply with a variation of versification.

I do not like to harass people on the mailing list. All of us are
volunteers and busy with stuff in real life, but the fact of the matter
is that the absence of av11n on jsword really hurts the whole project.
And this is not about just deuterocanonical material, but to many
requesters solely about chapters and verses being differently counted or
books sorted in a different fashion.

In the past I told people that jsword will come along soon too, but in
reality it seems that this is not likely going to happen in any time in
the near future.

The other thing is the use of ftp download making jsword compatible with
the standard format of repos. I am currently in discussion with a very
big publisher of Bibles in "creative access" countries as they want to
set up a repo for CrossWire modules with all their hugely important
content I really would like to give a clear and unambiguous message re
repo design. Is ftp access going to happen or should I simply tell
people we need both ftp and zipped?

Many thanks!


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