[jsword-devel] Hebrew/Greek defs as tooltips

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Mon Jan 11 09:15:52 MST 2010

On 01/11/2010 09:05 AM, Daniel Owens wrote:
> I want to affirm this effort as well. I wonder if there is a way to 
> give access to lemma and morphology information without having to see 
> the Strong's number, lemma, or morphology codes. I know that many 
> users will want to see the Strong's numbers, but for those who are 
> trying to read in a fluid fashion this clutters the screen. It would 
> be nice to have access to the information without cluttering the 
> screen. BibleTime implements this nicely using sword. I would think 
> that jsword could handle this as well, though I speak from ignorance. 
> Perhaps words themselves could be a link without the underlined blue 
> text? There is just so much to commend BibleDesktop/Alkitab already. 
> This would really move things forward when it comes to reading Greek 
> and Hebrew

Any implementation of a tooltip for this info is a great plus. And it 
can be improved from there. Once Yingjie gets a good implementation 
going we should put it in and do a release.

There were several things that drove the current implementation:
1) By having the words be hyperlined, everything was underlined. This 
caused huge performance problems. By having separate links, it was 
easier to move the mouse over the page.
2) Without popups we could not present both morphology and 
lemma/strongs. Also some had more than one Strong's number. There was no 
way to have more than one link for a given word or phrase, except as we 
have it.
3) Without popups we could not show the data from more than one dictionary.

If you haven't looked at the Bible Tool's handling of Strong's numbers 
and morphology, it is pretty slick. (See 
http://www.crosswire.org/study/passagestudy.jsp?mod=KJV, you may need to 
Show Strongs and Show Morphology on the right). Clicking on a word will 
cause the phrase tied to the Strong's number to be shown in bold and 
underlined. Also all of the words in view that have the same Strong's 
number are also highlighted. The tooltip come up based upon the 
placement of the mouse click.

The tooltip also has navigation to other features.

If possible, I'd like to do away with the hyperlinks altogether and 
figure out precisely what word is under the mouse.

I'm looking at flyingsaucer as a possible replacement for the current 
renderer. This may overcome the limitations of the current HTML 
renderer. Also, it appears that it can directly render any XML given a 
stylesheet. So rather than converting to html we may be able to directly 
render OSIS or a simple transformation of it.

In Him,

> Daniel
> On 1/11/2010 7:14 AM, Mullins, Steven wrote:
>> Wonderful ideas!  Would be a good idea create an option for the font
>> used to render the tooltip for each language.  For example, I use
>> Gentium for Greek and SIL Ezra for Hebrew.
>> Getting closer to BibleWorks!
>> Steve
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>> From: Yingjie Lan [mailto:lanyjie at yahoo.com]
>> Sent: Monday, January 11, 2010 1:16 AM
>> To: J-Sword Developers Mailing List
>> Subject: Re: [jsword-devel] Hebrew/Greek defs as tooltips
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I am not expert either. but I do create the tooltip
>>> for Alkitab which
>>>> is using JSword as base.
>>>> - I just simply add hyperlink entered and excited for
>>> Tooltip displaying
>>>> - and from the HyperlinkEvent object, I get the
>>> description of the link
>>>> - and use the description above to construct the
>>> JSword Key object to
>>>> find the particular text (strongs,morph,etc)
>>>> - then use the usual xslt tranform to transform it
>>> into html text
>>>> - and finally display it as tooltip popup.
>>>> If you want to see the code, you can get Alkitab
>>> source code from
>>>> http://www.kiyut.com/products/alkitab/index.html under
>>> developer
>>>> section (public domain).
>>> Almost forget, the above is the simple version. However, if
>>> you want
>>> to integrate with user options/preferences things will be a
>>> little bit
>>> complex, because you need to format the xslt transform
>>> using user
>>> options/preferences. And the source book for info (eg:
>>> bible,Hebrew/Greek def book) you also need to get it from
>>> user
>>> options/preferences (from preferred book section).
>>> And for performance (user perceived performance) I need to
>>> wrap the
>>> above code using Swing EDT for tooltip displaying, due to
>>> swing slow
>>> parsing html code
>>> Cheers
>>> Tonny Kohar
>>> -- 
>>> Alkitab Bible Study
>>> http://www.kiyut.com/products/alkitab/index.html
>> Hi, this is very helpful, thank you. I have another question: Do you
>> somehow control the dimension of the tooltip box? when there is no line
>> break, would the tool tip turns out to be too long?
>> Cheers
>> Yingjie

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