[jsword-devel] Minor font issues

Brian Fernandes infernalproteus at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 05:56:31 MST 2009

1) Specify a font for a book (from the Tools > Books wizard) and click 
OK. If you open the same font dialog for the same book again, 
*occasionally* the initial selection is set to the "default" font. If 
you cancel this dialog or look in the properties file you will notice 
that the font setting you made is still present, rendering uses this 
font as well. I'm not sure why the initial selection works only 
sometimes, do not have a reproducible case for this.

2) Other than going to the property file and deleting the entry, there 
is no way to "unset" a font for a book/language. If we were to add this 
ability, what would be the best place for the "unset" button? It could 
be in the dialog that opens when you press the Font button, or it could 
be in the "Available books" wizard itself, perhaps named "Reset Font". 

Are either of these known issues or being worked on? If not, I would 
like to take a stab at them.  I could not find anything relevant in JIRA.

DM, do you have a 1.6.1 release scheduled with all the minor fixes that 
have gone in recently? If not, when are you planning the next release?

In Him,

P.S. I have managed to "hijack" BD's Book management wizard  (Tools > 
Books) for FireBible, so I don't need to rewrite this in XUL/JS; would 
have certainly been a significant effort. This is why I can now spend 
time fixing/improving this interface in BD and have both front-ends benefit.

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