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Fri Feb 27 11:02:26 MST 2009


I don't recall if it is in the Bible Desktop manual or not (which you  
can get from the website), but go into the Book installer, and when  
you click on the Book or the language, the "Font" button will become  
active. You can use any font and font size in the list. Note, when  
viewing books in parallel, the font that is used is the one for the  
first book. Someday that will change.

I suggest SIL's Greek font. I think it is called Charis.

Hope that helps.

In Him,
On Feb 27, 2009, at 11:24 AM, Neil Short wrote:

> I'm sorry if this has been answered before. If there is an archive,  
> please let me know.
> Anyway, Some Greek letters do not render in my copy of BibleDesktop  
> (1.6). I'm wondering if there is a trick to getting the native Xorg  
> fonts to render inside the program. --- or is there a Java font that  
> fully supports the Greek fonts?
> Platform: FreeBSD 7.0-STABLE
> java: 1.6.0_03-p4 (built for FreeBSD)
> Window manager: Blackbox
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