[jsword-devel] JSword GoBible Creator

Stephen Denne spdlist at ihug.co.nz
Tue Aug 11 03:40:43 MST 2009

> Hey guys.  How's the GoBible creator from JSword stuff going?
> I have another idea for you, in addition to the website 
> download generator:
> How about something we can place on our CD which will 
> generate a GoBible 
> package from user selected options.  We're pretty tight on 
> space on the 
> CD so I don't want to duplicate the data for every module inside a 
> GoBible installer, but if we could have an on-demand 
> Generator instead, 
> that would be really cool.  The root of CD is a SWORD library 
> installations so JSword can grab Bibles from there.
> What do ya think?
> 	-Troy.

Hi Troy,

I'm waiting on details of svn setup, and haven't chased that up as I've also been moving house.

I still think that the work I've done is modifications to the existing code in https://crosswire.org/svn/gobible
So it should be a branch, or copy of the trunk/GoBibleCreator project in that repository.

By using the jsword repository, the history of the code is lost when I check in the code obtained from GoBibleCreator.

Perhaps the solution is to do both: create a utility jar based on GoBibleCreator, maintained in the GoBible repository, and used by
a new jsword project?

I looked into producing diffs to add to the jira issue I raised, 
but couldn't figure out how jsword works with configurable options. There seems to be a framework for them included in jsword, but I
can't find any usage of that framework.

Adding a generator to the CD sounds fairly easy.

Stephen Denne.

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